Pink noise generator

here is a really cool URL for us propeller-heads about the generation of white and pink noise. here is a helpful link for understanding the output of a pink noise generator.

I got involved in looking into pink noise generators because I’ve been dissecting the Hemi-Sync products produced by the Monroe Institute, in a attempt to understand how they work.

{I can, incidentally, wholeheartedly and without reservation reccomend trying these CDs. They may do nothing to you. They may do all kinds of neat things to you. They’re audio, they can’t hurt you, and while they contain some spiritual content, it’s so generic that I can’t imagine anyone would find it offensive. Except for me, at first, and I’m over that. ;-)}

Anyway, as usual, give me a toy, I want to take it apart.

So far as I can tell, I have a few options for generating my own hemi-sync content to feed myself.

Option one is a really creative reprogramming of my Quadraverb II. Doesn’t appear to be anything stopping me from having a midi-modulation-source controlled pitch changer that routes to the opposite channel. Fine and course tuning, and there you go, a hemi-sync generator. I bet the p2k even would let you do it with their patch cord arrangements, though that might be a bit more difficult.

Option one doesn’t cover the need for white noise, but I imagine one can come up with it somewhere. 😉

Option two is to get a pink noise generator, run it through a parametric eq and a flexable phase changer, and take two function generators. All into a modern mixing board, and there ya go..

We won’t even get into my theories concerning visual stimulation. I don’t buy that hemi-sync is limited to audio..

I wonder how many hz we can see?

Anyway, onto more mundane matters – the mk3 – I’m going to write a bios for it. At first I was thinking I’d just write a bootloader, but it occurs to me that I really need to go ahead and write a entire BIOS into the bootloader section. Bug-free read and write from RAM, network, dataflash, EE, etc.

Then I can write a program on top of it to manage batteries.

Well, this ought to be interesting.

I already have most of the code, I just need to rewrite, codify, shuffle, and do all that fun stuff.

I wonder. If the BIOS was written in assembly, could the rest of the thing be written in C? Probebly.

The fun never ends, as Leeper would say.

The fun never ends.

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