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Of late – the last two years I think – I’ve been sending a lot more personal emails to various people in which I write about myself. One part of me thinks this is stupid egoism, but another part has found that for whatever reason, writing to one particular person, imagining their viewpoint as I write, is more helpful for certain types of internal debugging than writing to a entire blog. It’s a lot easier to imagine that the single reader cares about me.

In general, I’ve noticed, they don’t get responses. Actually, the majority of email responses I get are to ‘action emails’ i.e. ‘would you like to do this next week?’ or ‘Should we dump this database using this technique?’. I did recently send a ‘Would your label like to represent me for a album?’ email, but it didn’t get a response either. Pity.

I am planning on recording another album starting in the next few weeks – I am looking for a space to record it in, and have sent out several emails inquiring about practice spaces. I do hope some label will decide to represent me for it, since I don’t even have the marketing skills of a cute, cuddly puppy. The theme for this album will be what I’ve learned about the world and myself in the past two years. It should be interesting.

Anyway, I hope that my personal emails don’t cause too much harm. I try to moderate my desire to say anything that pops into my head with a understanding of who I’m writing to. Occasionally I fail, which has been known to cause distress both for me and the people I write to. However, overall the exercise has been worthwhile, so I will likely continue to do it. I do think people sometimes get the wrong ideas about me from these emails, and maybe I should balance them out with emails that indicate that my life is steadily getting better, I am in fact mostly sane, and I’m not evil incarnate.

Anyway, to all those who reply, or even who accept them, thanks for “listening”.

2 Responses to “Personal emails”

  1. Susannah Says:

    Occasionally, a thought of you will pop in my head and I come to creep on you, but not in a creepy stalker kinda way.. just that, old friend from many moons ago kinda way. Hope life is finding you well.

  2. Swipes Says:

    I agree with you that you don’t have the ‘marketing skills of a cute, cuddly puppy’ but for the record, they do have incredible marketing skills. Just look at the tax payouts the Monsters receive for nothing more than being cute and cuddly.

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