Oracle gathering..

Blue laser was *pretty*, despite only being able to use one beam. Must get organized to be able to use both.
Sound system was still 100% operational when I left at 4a. Will go back tomorrow @ 3p or thereabouts to reclaim it and move it back to its home. Should be fun counting cables.. I actually made a inventory of all the cables they took, which probably shows I’m getting anal in my old age, but I’m really tired of coming home with less cables than I go with every time. 😉

Sound system sounded damn good, even tho they were redlining it a little bit. Need more elements, so they don’t have to run it as hot. But that’s something I’m thinking about for next summer, probably not before. Plus adds to the headache factor because will get too big to fit in a cheap trailer.

Not that I have a car to tow said trailer anyway, since I can’t get the rigging for the lights out of my eurovan AFIAK without opening the liftgate.

Hopefully on Monday the insurance company will call and offer me a big check. I’m guessing they will offer me a small check, though. They’ve made noises that don’t give me warm fuzzies on this subject.

4 Responses to “Oracle gathering..”

  1. randomdreams Says:

    I want to hear more about this blue laser you have: what type, and how you managed to get your hands on it.

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    It’s a melles-groit DPSS 500mW dual-beam blue.

    It’s *beautiful* – though the collimation sucks ass. 😉


  3. goamaki Says:

    good luck with the insurance! crossing fingers for ya.
    Jesiah puts coloured zip ties on all his cables, so he can easily pick them out…he uses green. I imagine they come in all sorts of colours…anyway, if you haven’t done something like that, I’d highly suggest it. I have one of his cables here at home. *shhhh.

  4. randomdreams Says:

    That sounds absolutely lovely. I’m consumed with envy.
    There’s a LOT you can do about the collimation, if you decide you want to.

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