On the other hand..

My life is exciting enough to me – it just wouldn’t make interesting reading for others. Programming microcontrollers, writing music, programming windows CE devices, going to raves (well, if they ever HAVE any.. whatever happened to the good ol’ fashoned underground party anyway? I suggested to Ron, the guy I’ve been jamming with, that we could ‘always just go somewhere with the PA and the generator and, you know, do something’ and he seemed scandalized by the idea – like, you know, who would come to a unofficial, no-cover kind of event. We’re not in southern california any more, toto.. but I digress)

Anyway, as I was saying. The problem may not be as much that my life is duller than the lives of my friends – as that I can’t plump it up with tasty prose to make it more interesting. Whereas at least two of my friends (you can guess who you are) are such good writers that they shoudl give up blogging in favor of something that actually pays.

Well, I guess we can’t all be good at everything.

And I guess I don’t want a life that would be interesting to read about that badly. It’s better to have one that’s interesting to live.


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  1. samsarra Says:

    I’ve known since highschool that the old Chinese curse was written about me. My goal is to be as happy as possible within the chaos I live.

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