okay, to balance out the quiziness

It’s been a interesting week. one of my consulting customers who was supposed to be up last week had what was supposed to be their dedicated PC go completely out to lunch, which rather much threw a monkey wrench in the works. Luckily, I’m putting another colo up for a friend of mine, so we can just host things there for a bit. STill, messy.

The mk3 boards are here! I’m so excited.. see this for a really big picture of them. Aren’t they pretty?

I seem to find myself fighting with a friend of mine.. he wants me to wax, polish, clean up, etc my EV for a auto show.. and I might be slightly interested, except for the following two reasons why not:

1) I’ve got a ten month long backlog of ‘things to do’, and no time to do them in.. I’m already short enough on time, without having to detail my car.
2) It’s supposed to be a customs -n- rods type of show, and my car is a generic li’l import.. these are not people who are impressed by technology, or they wouldn’t be going to a show for ’50s rods. So, okay, fine, it’s cool that people are into them, but I doubt if said people are going to be into my car

Now, I realize that I am not the neatest person on earth – in fact, I may be closer to the ‘messiest person on earth’ side of the spectrum [anyone remember PigPen?]. Which is why I’m not the type of person you send to the car shows, unless you’re going to a technology/geeky sort of show. This does not, pardon my observation, sound like a technology/geeky sort of show, so I think I’m going to pass.

In other issues.. went to a few clubs on saturday night [woohoo, sheer actually left the house] and had a good time.. actually, it was strange. Went to two places.. though it was really more like three, because went to the first place, listened to the music, it was bloody awful.. no beat matching, a clueless DJ trying to mesh salsa with techno.. then the second place [The last supper club, cute name, methinks] which was a bit better.. kind o’ fratty and the people damn near ripping off each other’s clothes were a bit distracting.. but at least the DJ knew his stuff and was mixing ’em up with the greatest of skill and ease. Then went to the first place again, had to pay $5 readmittance, and found that the music was suddenly extremely well mixed, sounded good, and in general a good time was being had by all.

I’ve formed a Sheer Maxum, which I’m not sure I understnad but seems to apply. If the DJ isn’t using vinyl or a computer, he/she’s not a DJ. CD players, even the oh-so-high-tech ones, just don’t seem to cut it – at least, I’ve never heard a good DJ using one.

On still other notes, the work continues to come in.. I may have to raise my rates..

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  1. anonymous Says:

    Q>On still other notes, the work continues to come in.. I may have to raise my rates..

    i think you should.. start high, bargain then end somewhere in between


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