I’m done beating my head against the problem of what religion I should be. For now, anyway. I have no idea which of the world’s religions are right. I hope that God really does forgive. I hope that love wins.

I’ve been doing some hardcore coding again.. I seem to be doing okay at it so far, although my attention tends to wander more than it used to.

I am trying to grow less selfish and more open. Who knows how successful I may or may not be.

Kayti tells me I was talking in my sleep last night. When she woke me, I had no memory of a dream however.

Trying to get back to a day schedule. Haven’t been too successful yet, but who knows..

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  1. goamaki Says:

    In case you didn’t get the memo: GOD *IS LOVE. As long as you have that Sheer, and share it with others, then you have it. We all go through trying decide whether or not we can subscribe to mainstreams notion of “god”…I found just simply taking the best ideas, values, and beliefs from many kids of religion, suited my fancy. And if I know you at all, I would say you would eventually develop your own religion: Sheerism.
    The only way you can become unselfish, is to like, call your friends n’ stuff. 😉

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