So I’m having another frustrated with the universe day. I can’t sleep. My mind seems to be in a argument with God. (Not something I can win.)

(There’s this quote from Spider Robinson – ‘Everyone deserves to die.. God obviously thinks so.’

Well, the problem is I *don’t* think so. Hence my argument. Or one of them.

I’m also not really clear on why we should all be slaves to the bank while a few people get incredibly rich and can’t spend the money they get anyway.

New set of rules:

Basic housing is free
Basic food is free
Basic communications (voice grade) is free to anywhere in the world
All wealth counters reset every five years.

Ah, if only I were in charge. Actually, given the chaos I would probably cause in my attempts to make everyone happy, it is probably just as well that I’m not.

3 Responses to “Okay..”

  1. bakeme Says:

    so do you think that everyone deserves to live forever?

  2. kentuckyjade Says:

    It’d be nice if everyone could live as long as they wanted but death does have it’s merits.

    Think of overpopulation (which some places are experiencing now), ultimate corruption — think about how much bad stuff some of the more corrupt people in the world could have done if they were still living? How many times has a person’s death spurned a change or lit a movement that needed to be made?

    I don’t think everyone deserves to die; in fact, that’s part of the argument about the death penalty — who decides who deserves to die?

    I don’t believe God personally chooses people to die. I don’t think S/he works that way. I’m not into predetermined fate.

    Your rules are interesting. Wasn’t that the basic idea of communism? What cost would you pay for your rules? Who would manage the housing and the food and determine what basic is?

    Have you ever read “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom” by Corey Doctorow? This book really minded me of you. You’d have high whuffie =-).

  3. anghouedd Says:

    I’m curious. What’s a “wealth counter”? Are you talking about money saved? Things people have bought? Stock? What is a wealth counter, and how does it “reset”?

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