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I recently tried out Archy (here) and I have to say, for a peice of software that is supposed to be simplifying the user experience, this does a amazingly good job.. of complicating it.

I could probably go on for a couple of days about why this is *not* how to design intuitive user interfaces, about how this is about the worst example of a ‘human-friendly’ program I’ve ever seen – but I won’t. I thought about emailing the authors and telling them they’d failed miserably at their attempt to make a human-friendly program – but I decided not to. Let them figure it out. They will, about the first time they watch a new user try and use their software, and compare it with a new user trying to use a regular windows program.

I’d like to see a attempt at a new user interface that’s *really* new.

But then, I’m still anxiously awaiting my first chance to do a direct neural-computer linkup. (aren’t we all). Not that my brain would have any idea what to do with the information it received…

On another topic..

Lust is a sin. We’ve all been told this.

My current concept for our creator is sort of like a computer programmer – he wrote our DNA, in whatever language one uses to write humans. I imagine it was rather a lot of work. He included lust.

He* can not possibly blame us for something glandular that he wrote in.

* = or She, or It, or They..

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  1. eaglesoars Says:

    Lust held in check until there is love allows relationships to be cemented, to grow, to last. It makes it easier to tolerate each other’s shortcomings. It helps ensure that children will have a family to raise them. Lust that is acted upon without love likely is hurtful for someone involved or touched by it.

    Do you really think God should have created people without sexual drive? Would the human race still be in existence if He had? Would most people be happier?

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    Well, first of all, let me say that far be it from me to criticize what I can not even begin to do – I don’t even know how hard the language of DNA is to learn – I suspect it is very, very low level, sort of akin to writing machine language for a computer. It’s in some sense amazing that we do as well as we do.

    That said, if I were criticizing God’s design decisions, I would probably start out with the amount of pain associated with growing old – or perhaps I’d go a step further and criticize that we grow old at all. If I were really feeling cruel, I’d criticize the complete lack of any way to communicate with him, combined with the suggestion by several major religions that failure to pick the right religion will result in eternal damnation.

    But, no, I don’t think God should have created humanity without sexual drive. I’m with Spider Robinson in that I think he shoudl have included telepathy, though.

  3. eaglesoars Says:

    If there were no pain with growing old, would we ever want to leave this earth? As for communication, there are many who will say God does communicate with people. A few will say that God first spoke to them in a dramatic way, and that is how they came to know Him. However, more would likely say that they first spent time studying about God, praying to God, listenting to God, and being ready to accept God’s will whatever it was, before God spoke to them. God’s voice comes audibly to some, through Bible passages to others, through a sermon that is answer to a situation, through a sense of peace, through God-incidents. There are many who will talk about the peace that comes when one’s decisions about a matter are in line with God’s will.

  4. goamaki Says:

    I’m not sure I’d like telepathy…because half the joy of life, to me, is NOT knowing everything. If you believe in the Christian God, and if God created us without things that drive us nuts and cause us pain, then we’d all be…well…rocks or something. He created us with a bunch of crap to teach us shit, and to teach us to value life… if we’re too daft to realize that, then we’re really missing the point of life.

  5. jcurious Says:

    My personal recommendation is to go the a Unitarian Church, there you will find people of all beliefs and non beliefs making thier own searches and stuff..

  6. rarkrarkrark Says:

    Do you know if Deb is still living on Carole road? I have something to send to her.

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