Non-P. related post..

since you all are thoroughyl sick of hearing about her by now I’m sure..

MC got togeather tonight and had a bangin’ set.. we had at least a few and more likely several moments. My sore neck & back completely faded and I didn’t even notice them any more as the music raged and the system got turned up (probably a bit too much)

Now I am preparing a laptop for my friend Nicka..

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  1. anonymous Says:

    Bah, we’re Not sick of hearing about your thoughts. As you’ve said before, this is *YOUR* journal. You can say whatever you want in it as long as LiveJournal policies clear it 😉

    Hope the neck muscle discomfort and nasty headache are both deminishing in severity. You’re welcome to Krispy Kreme donuts and creamy hot chocolate today. They’ve very yummy, assorted variety, hot from the shop. Limited shelf-life, as I am weak willed. 😉

    If you’re missing words for the time being, try singing or gesturing or pointing. Once the word comes, examine the object to reassociate qualities and characteristics while verbalizing its name or category a few times. Temporary glitches in the Matrix mean things are changing, that’s all. Let the redesign work well, er.


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