News from radio, may or may not be true, and my reaction.

I heard a strange rumor on the radio.. that the recent budget approved by the house included a request for the department of defense to research the possibility of using nuclear-tipped intercepters.

This strikes me, if true, as not exactly the safest idea one could come up with.

I mean, we’ve got rockets that _can not find their targets when they are carrying homing beacons_ – and now some crazy (word omitted) wants to strap BOMBS to them???

I guess the theory is that if you make a big enough explosion, it won’t matter if you’re even remotely in the right neighborhood. Never mind what this does to the people under it.

And, to be any good at all, a system like that has to be automated – or run by humans that are awake 24/7 – and frankly I’m not sure which scares me more.

Look, these are the people who spend a billion dollars on ‘stealth bombers’ to spy on the USSR. Like, duh, it’s cold and they’ve got no flipping money!

I mean, how exactly was russia going to ‘take over’ the united states? How do you wipe the people off a country? People, have you ever driven across the US? I have, many times! It’s a BIG country! It CAN NOT BE taken over as long as it has good lines of communication. It doesn’t _need_ a standing army. It certainly doesn’t need 21,000 nuclear warheads. 21,000. THINK ABOUT THAT!

As countries go, we’re assholes. Okay. There’s no other way to say it. Is that what we want to be?

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  1. slog Says:

    Its true.

    From The Bush Admnistration straight to the American Public:
    “We hate you, you pathetic losers. You know nothing about what is really going on, and this whole tactical nuke thing shouldn’t bother you because you’re just ignorant Americans. (Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!)” (that was ad lib by the way)

    Well, that’s okay, I hate you too. Unfortunately the people who are going to speak up for me are in the European Community, not my senators. I can’t wait until the US gets embargoed all over the world for use/development of tactical nukes. In a way its kind of cool, I always wanted to be isolationistic.

    Damn the man, and all that crap.

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