New song: Love


Love is hard to define
a state of being or a state of mind?
an emotion, a soul that’s entwined
Wonder here for us to find

Love changes our world
Makes closed hearts open, lets voices be heard
Makes friends closer throughout the world
So much for such a simple word

Even with barriers that still divide
I feel so much love inside
And I’m sure my lover knows
look into my eyes, it shows

Even in darkness, the coldest night
feeling love your soul takes flight
Love lights the darkness, and lets the lost be found
Love helps us find our common ground

Love teachesĀ  we’re stronger together
With each other, no storm we can’t weather
When we’re tired and feel like we’re beaten
Love keeps us warm while we are sleeping

I don’t draw a line between love and lust
To me touch has always been about trust
Touch is healing and needing each other
Love found in the arms of another

Love’s the light inside us all
From the oldest sages to babies who crawl
Guiding our journey throughout the world
Helping the truth be heard

Love is something we’ve always known
Since long before we called Earth home
There are many worlds, many different stars
But there’s always love in any world of ours

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