New Sheer Track – the first track of 2009, and in fact the first track since our move to Long Beach. This is actually mostly just a test track – I have been wanting to set up the multitrack gear for quite a while now, and I finally found the energy to do it. I’m missing a couple of ADAT cables, so right now this is recorded via the extremely hokey method of patching audio from two of the general outputs that have been assigned to be solo outs to two of the analog ins on one of the 896es, but it still sounds pretty good.

I got in a mental space where I was absolutely going to manage to record *something* – since I keep telling myself, over and over, that I’m going to get back to writing music – so when cables that weren’t exactly right came to paw and the right ones didn’t, I just made do. I hereby dedicate this track to my paternal grandfather, who recently left Earth bound for wherever it is we go next, and also to my girlfriend, who puts up with all kinds of odd behavior from me all the time. (Even this track, which was pretty much a straight out jam-and-record – one take per instrument – involved playing the same song about 7 times. And I didn’t use headphones. I kept waiting for the neighbors to come over and growl at me. I actually lost a even longer piano saddish jam track when I kicked out the power plug while it was transcribing to wav via Ivory)

Anyway, it’s good to be set up to record again, and sometime in the very near future I will go buy a couple of ADAT cables. I also maanged to get the noise in the A/D of my mixer to settle out by shaking it some, but that mixer is going to have to be replaced soon – and unless some new digital mixers have come on the scene, the only mixer good enough to replace it is a identical one. Ah well, here’s to ebay.. 😉

Anyway, be sure and comment if you like the track, which will encourage me to go write (and post) more.

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