So, recently I was helping a friend port their web site to Apache 2.0 and came across a link to NetAddiction’s internet addiction quiz. Now, I don’t think this quiz really applies to me – after all, you’re not an addict unless you *want* to stop (and I only seem to when I’m at my least sane), but I did start to think about the irony of delivering a web site – or a blog – on internet addiction.

No other addiction that I know of lets you do this. This is like your drug dealer taking you to a NA meeting, and passing you some of your drug-o-choice while *e talks to you about recovery. It’s just *funny*.  What’s more, I’m not sure what total abstinance from the internet would look like. The only time recently I’ve been seperated from the net, I had the conpensating factor of being in interactive discussion with people, face to face, all the time – so I didn’t really miss the communication aspect of it.

If civilization falls, I’m certain the ham radio people are determined to keep the internet up anyway. They’ll probably succeed, too – I mean, we’re talking about people who managed to write a full-fledged telnet & ftp server and client, plus router, that fits on a floppy disk and runs on a 8088. Nicely. One can imagine what a solar-powered KAQ9 node might look like, pretty easily.

Ah well. Back to work.

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  1. ClintJCL Says:

    hehe 😉

  2. TEST Says:

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