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Today was the annual Seattle Night Out block party. Two years ago, my band Mischief Committee played for the first time anywhere. Today, we played for what may be the last time anywhere. (Depending on if Tory gets it togeather to have us play at a house party before we all head our seperate ways.)

We’re pretty much breaking up because everyone is moving to a different state.. Joe is going back to Michigan, I’m going to SoCal (hopefully, if I ever get a house etc), and Tory is – staying here, apparently. It’s hard to tell who’s getting the best deal.

Sadly, we’ve never been better. I’ve never had so many people tell me how wonderful a set was – even at Fluffy Bunny, which had 10X as many people as this event. We got one complaint, from a neighbor two blocks away.. (two blocks away.. and the system wasn’t even wide open. Heh. Heh. Muhahahah). There were enough people talking about how good the set was afterwords that not even I could think that they didn’t really mean it and were just trying to be nice..

And yet, I’m sad. Depressed. K. stayed in the house for the set, which shouldn’t bother me but does, and growled at me afterwords about a number of minor things. And.. I don’t know. I heard a lot of mistakes, a lot of things I could have done better and some things taht other people could have done better. I fear I’ve turned into Mr. Tanner, only hearing the flaws.

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  1. goamaki Says:

    if you’re a true artist, you’ll hear mostly flaws. hehe.
    we are our worst critics.
    I think ya’ll are getting your OWN best deals, moving to different parts of the country. We all have to take care of our own needs, but real friends will always keep in touch…
    one door closes, 2 more open.

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