More and bloodier wars..

have been fought over God, and the nature thereof, than any other subject.


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  1. slog Says:

    because people think that they are Right and what they know is The Truth, therefor whenever they can justify a war as being God’s Will, they will.

    Actually, more wars are fought over perceived power and resources…they just use God’s Will as an excuse.

    People suck.

  2. goamaki Says:

    because god is within…which is a very very very personal thing. We’re all different, and therefore there’s no way we could all believe in the same things. 🙂 And man is a proud and warrior type being…

  3. sheer_panic Says:

    Perhaps God is within.. but Vibe is exposable without starting any wars.

  4. goamaki Says:

    not when you have the humanistic ability to be greedy, power-hungry, and evil…I mean, god created good but he also created evil. Can’t have one without the other. And therefore, peace is not achieved without a counter-balance. While I don’t agree with the way Bush handled the middle east, and I certainly don’t condone wars, I do believe that if it weren’t for some key wars in our history, we may not even be able to have this conversation.

  5. choccyallo Says:

    My theories:
    – because exposing our beliefs exposes our vulnerabilities, and hiding our vulnerabilities is one thing we must do *at all costs*

    – because who controls your land/resources doesn’t seem to have as much impact on your day-to-day happiness as who controls your culture (and yes, these things are often dictated by the same person) – and most cultures seem to have evolved prior to a time when state was separate from church, so “God” is built right in

    – belief implies having faith, not having proof… like, believing in the easter bunny. Otherwise, you would just know it, it’d be a fact, like, my parents will buy me socks for christmas. You don’t fight for things you know – they are true regardless of whether you fight for them or not. Things you might be wrong about though… that’s worth fighting for. Because if you don’t suppress the nay-sayer who denies easter bunnies exist, you might be in for a non-chocolatey surprise 🙁

  6. jcurious Says:

    Power, money, land… yea… I would dare say that most of the “wars over god” were actualy something entirely diffrent…
    What war do you honestly belive was fought over God?

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