Mischief Committee’s first show..

Well, our first show went swimmingly.. there were a few glitches, like apparently the dialup stream never happened and we had a bunch of trouble with Spinning and Transit Authority. But, overall, we got through it! And the audiance seemed to be digging our stuff..

I’ve always secretly wanted to crank up my system in the middle of the street, so that part was really great. Although.. I now really do understand the appeal behind powered speakers – it’s one less thing to carry, one less cable to connect. I’m pretty much sold on the whole idea.. now there’s just the upgrading. I’m just glad that I hadn’t already upgraded my amps to switchers like I was considering..

[actually, the upgrade to powered will probably cost ~$5000 – I hope to do it in Sept or Oct. I’ve decided that from this day forward, half of my paycheck is going into savings, so I won’t be able to buy as many toys.. but on the other hand, I’ll have a buffer that isn’t stock..]


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  1. heidianna Says:

    Yay!!! Glad your gig went well, this is such good news!!!! *hugs*

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