Someone should really set up a trust fund type arrangement to try and keep hosted web sites on the net for as long as is possible.. have a initial buy in, like say $1000/megabyte, and have some sort of arrangement to invest the money wisely, and use the interest from it to pay for web hosting – so that after people die, their web sites can continue to speak from beyond the grave. (of course, their opinions on things may change after they die.. if so, it should be interesting to see how they manage to update their web sites from wherever it is that they end up.. ah, the eteral mystery..)

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  1. goamaki Says:

    after people die, they may not need websites to speak from. For, their spirit lives in all of us, and speaks through US. They are a part of us, and their views and love get passed on to their family and friends, who pass it on to others, who pass it on to others, etc.
    We still keep Dancerboy’s website up…but he prefers to make appearances in my dreams, or while I walk amongst the crowded streets, and the tranquil forest…

  2. bluemistress Says:

    sheer, i lost your number.

    please call me.



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