memo to self 2 ;-)

Did last night’s journal even make sense? I’m afraid to go back and look. You can always tell which journal entries are made on friday nights – they’re the ones that are only vuagely coherent and sound like they are written by a alian.

Finally got ‘ping’ to work. Woo freakin woo! Now just have to get windows to actually receive answer. But you can see it on the scope.. the ‘ping’ packet comes in and the ‘pingack’ packet goes out. beautiful. Flippin’ beautiful.

Hopefully I haven’t scared away my one reader. Hi, reader 😉

I’d write about why religion is a virus, but at the moment I don’t seem to have the energy. It’s such a insidious one, though, that I still say ‘thank god’ – well, I guess I do, sometimes, beleive in god. Just not in chrisianity. So that’s okay. But anyway..

I don’t have the energy right now. I’m trying to decide between taking a bath and just vegging here for a while.

Tomorrow should be fun. Going to see the lord of the rings. Good movie? bad movie? we’ll see..

Watched ‘Bread and Roses’ tonight – movie about labor union for janitors. Good flick. Kind of sad – hard to tell if it’s true-to-life or not. But good movie, none the less. P. also liked.

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