lists, lists, lists

things I would like to buy, if money were no object

1) 2-CPU G4 for studio ($800)
2) 42″ LCD TV ($1500)
3) steam loco with sound ($300)
4) osbcene amounts of track ($300)
5) Honda Insight ($12,000)
6) New AC compressor, transmission rebuilt, timing belt changed, fuel gauged fixed on VW ($4000)
7) SP/DIF concentrator for studio w/ transformers ($650)
8) Saxophone ($250)
9) Sax lessons ($200/month)
10) Guitar lessons ($200/month)
11) subwoofer for office ($600)
12) chessie loco w/ sound and video sender ($350)
13) storage cubicle ($100/month)
14) newer sampler capable of reading old sample formats ($2000)
15) easy backup capability for sampler + recycle integration ($100)

Hm. That’s enough.

Projects I would like to do, if time were no object

1) Finish mixdown on Mike’s recordings
2) Dig up the Wheels recordings, import them into DP, remix them
3) Several songs that I’ve had running around my head, before I totally lose them
4) remote switch hardware for train set so don’t need wires going everywhere

Projects I want to be working on *now*

1) Practice with new groovebox, get to where I’m proficient enough to join a techno jam session with it if the oppertunity comes up
2) Score several songs for flute + keys, play w/ Kayti
3) MK3EB – finish it, get it in the car
4) SSS web site
5) find a good database driven resume generator or failing that write my own

Projects I don’t have any choice about working on (at this point)

1) Teachers@work migration (small)
2) Kanvas (huge)

People who I wish I talked to more: [in no particular order]

1) John
2) Mei [who doesn’t return calls or emails any more]
3) Chris M
4) Phoebe
5) Brian L
6) Alex
7) Tory
8) Gayle
9) Scott
10) Cori
11) Woody
12) Deadman
13) Josh M.
14) Mike M.
15) Bruce
16) Bhudda Alex
17) Blue
18) Martin H.
19) Brad H.
20) Kamran S. [Wouldn’t even know how to get in touch with him..]
21) Dorn + Dianne
22) Carla [another doesn’t respond to emails ;-)]
23) Nicka
24) Vinnie

I remember when I used to spend all my time chatting with people.. now I spend all my time coding, and while it’s fun, I feel kind of socially out of touch at times.

Music acts I would like to see – with no comments on how many times I’ve seen them before, or whether they’re even still touring

1) Jimmy Buffett
2) Journey
3) Styx
4) Tori Amos
5) Guns N Roses
6) Bruce Hornsby
7) Van Halen
8) Dire Straits
9) Pink Floyd
10) Elton John
11) Madonna
12) Prince
13) Indigo Girls [again and again.. ;-)]
14) REM
15) U2 [again and again.. ;-)]

Other things I’d like to do more of:

1) Skating
2) Bowling [I’m bad at it, but so what?]
3) Dancing
4) playing cards [Another thing I’m bad at, but it’s fun..]

2 Responses to “lists, lists, lists”

  1. anonymous Says:

    My office is trying to get rid of this $3400 50″ wide plasma. It’s pretty slick. We’re upgrading. It just sat on the wall and played cable sometimes while people were bored. I believe the price if we or our friends buy before it goes to eBay is like $839 or something under $900. Let me know if you want the details. I’d go for it, it’s just a larger investment than I’ve probably made since I got the car I’m still paying off since 120k miles ago.

    2-E) awwww, ditto. what’s up with that?
    1-F) Yah, Buffet. Me too except: it’s not my kind of show because I won’t tolerate those prices, those rules, those huge groups of people I wouldn’t waste on making perfectly good soylent green nor the lines to the big stinky plastic pisser. Feck-That!

    You want a real show – VNV-FUCKING-NATION oh yes, and there’s a show coming up with the Wild and Kooky And One (yah, I know! and have you heard the latest VNV Album, Judgement? oh yah…)

    1to3-F) I’d join you but… I have to draw the line somewhere
    4-F) Yes, like with pool being any good or even capable doesn’t make it that much more entertaining anyway. I miss my weekly texas hold ’em – fun game! I’ve made an agreement to play pool at least one Friday per month at any cost though – so maybe I’ll be able to play as well as a passed-out-drunk hobo off the street. That would be neat. 😀

  2. jcurious Says:

    Damn it, didn’t make the list… must have forgotten a birthday or something 😉

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