Just in case OMCN or JC reads this..

Could one of you please explain why my ‘saying’ was ‘I am not god’?

Also, does anyone remember what OMCN’s was?


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  1. cori_chronicles Says:

    Was this something you guys said years ago?

    I do remember that there was something on Brig a while ago about you being god, and you’d answer “I am not god” but I didn’t know it had more meaning than in the context of our conversation. Sadly, I can’t remember offhand what the conversation was about either. I think it had to do with you playing awesome music online, or doing something generally amazing with code… It will pop into my head at some point.

  2. jcurious Says:

    The ‘I am not god’ I belive stems from the fact that you presented yourself as someone who could do/fix anything..

    talk about old school… umm…
    was OMCN’s “ding dong marily on high”?

    What was mine?

    random sayings I remeber:
    “worship goats”
    “active fear”
    “floods in LA”

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