Interesting reading..

For some interesting (and maybe even enlightening in spots) reading, do a google search for ‘The meaning of life’.

We have a number of theories. There’s the perception is reality theory, which seems to be coming up with alarming regularity in my life (certainly I can’t offer much in the way of a counterargument). Then there’s the purpose-of-life-is-to-design-or-father-our-successors theory, which if nothing else, has sheer numbers going for it. (6.something billion the last I looked) A really interesting twist on this is the suggestion that our successors will be intelligent machines. I don’t find this possibility completely unbelievable – especially since we ourselves would appear to be intelligent machines.

A question I’ve been asking many of my friends lately is ‘Do you think you’re more than your physical body’. For the record, I do. Yes, I recognize this is a 100% reversal from my position on this matter as recently as a few months ago. So I changed my mind. Deal. I reserve the right to change it again at some future date when more data becomes apparent, too.

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