Indigo Girls

So, me and Kayti went to see the Indigo Girls last night. It was at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, and it was neat seeing that many IG fans togeather in one place – it was like a little pocket of sanity in the middle of the repressive right-wing world that is O.C.

Sadly we had to leave before the end, but they did play many favorites including ‘Get out the map’, ‘Shame on you’, ‘The wood song’, ‘Power of two’, ‘KiD fears’, ‘Land of Canaan’,’Hammer and a nail’

Next week: Jimmy Buffet

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  1. corwin Says:

    vin and me are sooooo jealous! [or v will be when i tell v.] they’re not going to be close enough for us to see them this year with any degree of comfort or ease, and i’ll be out of town for the closest of the mass. shows. i did get v the new album for this most recent birthday, though. that seems to be turning into a tradition.
    hope things are well with you!

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