If I get sniped tonight, you’ll know why.. because I told you to fight..

Okay, so I admit it, I’ve always found Eminem’s homophobia enough reason not to listen to him.. except, of course, the britney spears remix of ‘the real slim shady’ which I’ve always loved.

But recently I discovered the mushroom song, which I find hilarious in a darkly disturbing sort of way (partially because I can so see it happening..).. and then ‘Mosh’.. wow. Good work.

Me and Jesiah have been hard at work in the dungeon, chained to the multitrack deck, mastering. We’ve got 4 out of 5 tracks to where they sound sane on both my stereo and the 450s and somewhat sane on the Yamahas.. and only mildly crappy on the boombox. We’ll see if they pass the car stereo test, he took off with Tanya and a copy of them on CD. I’m only mildly apprehensive.. will they hate it? will it be awful? Only time will tell.. 😉

Anyway, it’s been good hangin’ out with him.

Finally cried yesterday.. for about a hour, too. For some reason, I will go years without really crying, and then when I do, it’s like everything coming out at once. So I feel somewhat better today..

Trying not to drool over Tanya. 😉 How does Jesiah get all these hot&cool girls to follow him around? Must learn his secrets. 😉 Maybe if I were younger? Who knows..

Perhaps I really need to be single right now, though.

*sighs* Sex.. and the persuit of it.. and love.. and the persuit of it.. and cuddles.. and the persuit of them.. take up a lot of our lifetimes..

I had a interesting observation tonight: the difference between a medicinal and a recreational drug – or one of the large differences – is that for the former, the judgement of someone other than the person being drugged is required, while for the latter, the individual can decide for themselves. Of course, everyone has a drug that they are ‘weak’ to – some people may never find that drug, possibly through the wisdom to know when to stop experimenting – that is to say, a drug that they can’t really trust themselves around. Or maybe not everybody..

Who knows.

Sex. Drugs. Techno. 😉 Life is good, at least in spots.

Tanya and Jesiah also found the Really Big Laser amusing.. Jesiah volunteered to be the first to guinea pig putting his hand in the beam, and, yep, it burns. Not awfully, though. They also set some paper on fire with it. Lasers. Gotta love ’em.

2 Responses to “If I get sniped tonight, you’ll know why.. because I told you to fight..”

  1. dspisak Says:

    Yeah, let me know if you figure out how this whole getting a girlfriend thing works.

  2. don_diego Says:

    DANG!! Do Not Look Into Laser With Remaining Eye

    I think you may have earned the right to proudly display this sign. I’ll look into making a laminated copy of mine before I leave.


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