I think..

I think I’m going to give up smoking [as in inhaling burning anything] for a while.

It’s just not doing me any good, ultimately.

To quote a Robert Aspin novel (from memory and incorrectly I expect), ‘Skeeve, the problem isn’t that you’re drinking too much. It’s that you’re drinking at the wrong time. And I don’t mean like the wrong time of day.’

This isn’t a point in my life where I need to have anything but clarity. I have a complex maze of decisions, and I have to make them all right.


P.s. message to the universe: I don’t want to be an asshole. But I don’t want to conform, either. How does one balance these two conflicting desires?

4 Responses to “I think..”

  1. samsarra Says:

    not smoking is a tough decision. I commend you for making it, and wish you an easy time through the rough spots.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Qutting smoking is easy…hell, I’ve done it lots of times…

  3. samsarra Says:

    My point, precisely!

  4. sheer_panic Says:


    Now who could _this_ anonymous poster be?

    I’m going to guess Nicka or JL, although I could be totally wrong..


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