I can feel it coming, days are getting longer, hearts are getting closer, love’s getting stronger..

For any of you seattlites who still haven’t checked out United States Of Electronica, you really are missing out.

And they’re going to be playing out a bunch in the next few months, which I’m very much looking forward to.

In general, there are way too many good things to do and not enough time to do them in. I spent most of today puttering around, getting set up to do debugging on the duncan code again, etc..

My firewall is now 4-way – four ethernet interfaces. Dizzying.

I got the sound card in it working and hooked up to the mixer that drives my PC speakers [a pair of 12″ 3-ways driven by a 200W amp – I take my computer sound very seriously]. So now those of you with sheer.us accounts can make my life miserable.

I also bought a tape robot on ebay, which I plan on charging back to H. as a neccesary expense for our operation – because being not-backed-up was just getting too scary. The other day I power-cycled during a write operation [don’t ask why. It’s a long story involving drugs, alchohol, broken motherboards, and a lot of other less nice things] and the disk array had to do a rebuild.. which 3ware thoughtfully labelled as ‘initializing’.

Well, that’ll make you nervious. You pull up the web interface for your RAID array and you see ‘Initializing’. I figured it couldn’t possibly mean formatting, because I could still read it.. but still, you never know.

Anyone want a P-III motherboard and some RAM? Might tend to crash occasionally.. heh heh heh

Gateway’s failure was just weird anyway. The thing decided it could only see 393M of RAM. Okay, now I’ve seen a lot of weird numbers in my life, but how do you get 393 megs ?

Tory’s coming over soon..

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  1. jcurious Says:


    perhaps 8mb SIS video memory and 1mb of /dev/null write only storage?


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