Lately I’ve been thinking that Spider Robinson has the right approach – just assume that everything will be fine, even in the face of all the evidence that it won’t, and keep on building on the assumption that things will come togeather. I would observe that every project I’ve ever successfully built has come from a willingness to just start out with a scratch version that’s utter crap and keep on improving until you end up with something good. A certain amount of patience is also important.

Speaking of Spider, I read a short story of his yesterday that was oddly well timed for my current mental space.. ‘Melancholy elephants’ – it talks about intellectual property, and how few original songs (for example) there are.

The number-line theory that I talk about has a interesting corallary, by the way – it says that not even God, if there is one, can create or destroy information. You can move it in and out of scope for the current universe, but it always exists – you can’t get rid of it. 😉 Perhaps this is why we’re immortal?

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  1. amberite2112 Says:

    i was just reading, probably just as you were posting this.
    just a weird thing, that’s all.

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