Hi, feds!

So, my understanding is the feds actually had someone assigned to follow John Lennon around because of his left leaning ideas. I have to admit to some curiosity as to whether there is a fed who is assigned to read this very journal because of mine.

If so, I have to wonder if some of my better ideas become viral within said fed – if he or she finds him or herself agreeing with some of what I say.

At this point, if they’re willing to think about what I’m writing about, I’ll take readers any way I can get them.

What I don’t want is more readers who want to put a lot of mental and emotional energy into telling me how impossible it is to fix anything. Because if we believe it’s impossible, than it *certainly* is.

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  1. sheer_panic Says:

    Interestingly, even though I get 20+k hits a month, I don’t get a lot of comments. Of course, it’s possible those 20k hits a month are all spammers and the comments are all being filtered out by my anti-spam system.

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