Have you disappeared off the face of the earth again?

Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?

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Hrm. I wonder if that should spawn a new years resolution or something.


2 Responses to “Have you disappeared off the face of the earth again?”

  1. 9thmoon Says:

    How am I supposed to stalk you if you never update this thing?

  2. anonymous Says:

    Here’s a blast from the past:

    301-762-8439 Tzahal BBs, tons of onliners…call today [14.4] (WWIV)
    703-764-4413 Return of the Dark Star bbs. needs new users [14.4] (VRBB)
    703-799-4404 Excal/DC! THE BEST BBS PROGRAM AROUND! [14.4] (EXCL)

    Apparently, there’s a trend for sysops who haven’t deleted their BBS files to ressurect it and make it telnettable. This came from Colossus, bbs.qzwx.com

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