isn’t one of my routine instruments, but lately i’ve been missing my guitar.. I have a blue Jackson that’s rather beat up – whammy bar socket cracked, electronics have been replaced twice, constantly in need of something.. but I really enjoy, once every few months, belting out a few power chords.

However, lately, I’ve been feeling the urge, and I just don’t have time to

1) Find the guitar.. I know it’s one of these guitar cases, but which one?
2) Find the POD
3) Find the POD’s power supply
4) Find all the appropraite interconnect cables

Not to mention, there’s the issue of me subjecting Kayti to my rather weak guitar skills – I mean, let’s be honest, electric guitar was not meant to be played through headphones, and I’m no Van Halen.


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  1. rarkrarkrark Says:

    Do you have contact info for gala?

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