I forsee much running around in circles tomorrow.

Hammernode, who have been doing primary DNS for for just about forever, have folded up shop. I don’t remember the username and password that the account is registered under, and I have to change the authoritive nameservers because right now, they point to localhost. (Ha. ha. ha. ha.). Oh, and the email address that I would use to get new information from them – currently registered @ WHo’s bright idea was that? Oh, right, mine..

I have a dns server set up on, so creating the zone isn’t that difficult, but I have to fax a photo ID before they’ll send me my username and password.

Amazingly, while normally this would be leaving me feeling crushed and depressed and stressed out, right now I find that I’m just not that worried about it. So the domain will be down for a day. It won’t be the end of the world.

I think I’m finally recovering from dot com madness.

Now, to figure out how to like myself.

(occasionally I wonder if I should transfer to Phoebe, since she’s the one who’s family was the origins of the name. THe problem is that I’m not sure she’s got a authorative nameserver to park it at, a webserver to host it on, or a mail server to deal with traffic on it. Or all that much interest in dealing with any of these things. But, at this point I have to concede that if she’s ready to deal with the technical challenges involved with the name and she wants it, it’s really more hers than mine)

I’ll have to come up with a new name for my consulting business at that point, though.

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  1. brassratgirl Says:

    I don’t have any of those things! But if you help me figure out easy ways to get them, I would be happy to take it on/pay for it.

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