Galapagos & family drama

Well, my trip to the east coast had many wonderful and many terrible moments.

I got to see Scott, Cori, and Woody, along with his new boyfriend, and play a wonderful send-up of Monopoly called Gayopoly. (It has some interesting stratigic changes – for example, the boys go one way around the board while the girls go the other way). I lost horribly, Kayti and Cori were the winners. But it was fun and funny. Also got to have a wonderfully tasty meal called a ‘Garbage Plate’.

Also got to see my daughter, and I think that me and her adoptive mother are now on much better terms. It turned out that a lot of the things that I was worried about with that visit I needn’t have worried about, and a lot of the things that I thought were going to be the worst were mostly misunderstandings. So I will likely be seeing her again. I’m also planning on mailing her a mix CD soonish, as she’s got quite a love of Brittney and J-Lo and even though I’m sure she will hate it, I’d like to at least expose her to what I was listening to when I was her age.

The Galapagos were beautiful. Sadly, due to lack of sleep and a series of miscommunications, a family fued broke out and has now been magnified (at least in one case) to the kind of epic proportions that make it seem likely that certain members will never speak to each other again. Also sadly, it’s at least somewhat my fault. I don’t know what to do about it, other than to try not to make such mistakes in the future.

I’m planning on putting up my and Kayti’s photos at I’m working on it right now.

After the Galapagos, I tried to contact my old friend Jessica but failed, saw my brother (well, in spirit anyway) Tavian, my good friend JL, a old, old friend from the IETF circuit Jennifer, and met a friend of Kayti’s from Philly. All good times.

Then I got some really disturbing email, and did some really stupid things. The end.

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  1. cori_chronicles Says:

    We had a great time seeing you and Kayti! I’m so glad you were able to stop by for a while!

    Glad you had a good time with your daughter and a good time at the Islands. Sorry to hear about the feud. Here’s hoping that it all resolves somehow!


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