G000000d morning Vietnaaaam!

Hi out there in blogland. So, my departure from SoCal is delayed by the inavailability of trailer hitches for the Eurovan – likely it will be Monday or even later beforeĀ  I can get the hitch put on.

However, towing the system rather than having it in the cabin means I have *lots* of seats up for grabs. Anyone want to join a adventure?

In other news, while there’s still way too much stuff to dispose of, I got rid of a *lot* – including my entire collection of computers except for the ones I’m actively using. [You know you might have a problem when you have enough computers that you could throw a LAN party without anyone having to bring their system..]

I feel the most healthy I have in .. I don’t know. Ten years? I’m going to FVSC this Sunday for adult night, and would love to see some of you there! One again, the rink page is at http://www.fountainvalleyskatingcenter.com/

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