Fusion weapons

You know, it occurs to me that we, the people, need to go kick a little ass.

Let me explain something to you, dear readers. Something you may not have thought about. [There are two of you now! I feel special ;-)] A H-bomb is really a fusion bomb. Has anyone thought about what it’s going to be like to have a small sun burn against the surface of our planet?]

Kids, this leaves us with two choices:

1) We can learn to live togeather
2) We can all die, and potentially damage the path of evolution on this planet

Religious people, it is NOT acceptable to say that god is watching the situation until you can _prove_ to me that there is a god. With a instrument, in a lab.

I accept the possibility of a supreme being – I’ll go into my views on the subject at some later date. I do not accept the idea that he/she/it has their eyes on planet earth and has any intention in intervening there.

I *definately* don’t beleive that he/she/it wants our unquestioning devotion. Ask yourself: Do you want unquestioning adoration from your children? I didn’t think so. You want your children to go out there and fix whatever your generation screwed up, because over, and over, that is the job of the children – and will be until the end of the human race, we can all hope.

Another interesting question for you all.. while you’re trying to picture a tiny sun burning against inhabited land, which is, after all, what a fusion bomb will be like.. do you really trust our government to have their fingers on those switches?

When bush speaks of nuclear disarmament, he means unloading the missiles from the silos and putting them in warehouses. He does *not* mean disassembling them into component peices. [i.e. making them into non-missiles, the sensable thing to do]

I don’t trust these guys very far. I have a lot of reasons, starting with Russia and Vietnam. I’m glad the Korea thing was in fact what the Koreans wanted – but it looks to me like we did the same thing there we do everywhere – walk in and abuse our superior technology to give one side superior firepower.

The dynamics of the cold war are really interesting. Presumably because they weren’t able to blow each other up without major consequences – or perhaps because the russians never had a ICBM that they’d trust to deliver a bomb – ICBMs aren’t cheap and easy to build.

At some point it becomes this bizarre Communism Vs. Capitolism chess game. Communism and Capitolism would pony up warriers to meet on various battlegrounds around the world.. germany, korea, vietnam, whatever.. and Communism would ante up. Or fail to, more often – Russia never really had that many resources.

The funniest part was the space race. People talk about how we ‘won’ the cold war – but a large part of the competition was the space race – the USSR managed to hold a manned space station for several years – which beats the heck out of sending up a bunch of satellites in a glorified airplane with a missile bolted to it. We might have gone to the moon.. but we stopped there. I’d say the USSR won the space race, and yet supposedly they ‘lost’ the cold war.

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