From the ‘It’s a really small world’ department.

Ye gods. 6 am, and it’s not even light out. I think i’ve wandered into the twilight zone. Damned daylight savings time.

Not one, but two ‘small world’ events today.

First, observe this message. I did not post it. I’ve never had the email address That means, that through whatever statistically unlikely series of events drives such things, there are two Jon Pullens out there that chose the alias Sheer, and both of them are geeks. Synchronicity, hello? does anyone else find this vuagely disturbing? Occasionally I wonder if I have a split personality, and HE is – but if so, he doesn’t exist any more. Tried emailing that address, got a bounce.

Okay, so I’m guilty of doing the vanity search. Doesn’t everyone at some point? But I had a reason for it..

My dad ran into someone in west virginia who had heard of me.

I mean, I know the internet makes this possible and even likely – look at all the junk I write on a daily basis, emails to mailing lists, my own mailing list, I mean, yes, I’m a prolific author of completely useless murmerings. I even write this journal, I suspect, for a audience of one. [besides me, that is.] Actually, I mostly write it for me, it helps me to straighten out my thoughts and refine them.

Anyway, how freaky is that? West Virginia, and he’s heard of me. Who else finds that scary? Raise your hands.. I had a email from India, telling me my april fools joke was in fact funny. [Now there’s a topic which could turn into a entire journal entry all by itself].

Also pondering love and sex – reading Heinlien, which leads one to these ponderences anyway. And P. read me a bit out of someone’s dairy – 300 years ago, and still petting every warm female bit o’ flesh his hands came near. And his wife still being hurt by it. Jealousy, still with us, check. Sexual hunger, still with us, check. Pregnancy, mercifully not as with us.

Someday I will pen down my thoughts on the whole matter, but not until after I’ve given them a few more lifetimes of thought. For now, I’ll stick with electronics, electric cars, power generation, the evils of dubya, and other topics that I can speak on elloquantly and usually with only pissing off half the known universe. Besides, I’m sure at some point P. will get sufficiently bored to read at least a few pages of this and I’d hate to give her any bad ideas.

I also note that I seem to have singlehandedly generated serious attention for Evercel, Inc. Wonder what they think about that? Well, beats the hell out of trying to sell them as trolling motor batteries.

The car continues to run fairly well – had a ‘just barely made it home’ event the other day, after which I noticed a faint gassing on one of the back pack during charge. NEED those mk3s on there. Got to finish them. Bad sheer. stop slacking. Work harder. Lay out board. Pin up schematic with new software. _learn_ new software.

No rest for the wicked, and such.

Not even sure what time zone I’m on any more.


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