Freak night..

For Halloween me and P. went to Freak Night – mostly because PvD was playing and P. was really dissapointed about seeing his earlier show, but also because I had read good things in netland about Freak Night.

It was okay.

It wasn’t a rave, and it wasn’t a mainstream concert – it was somewhere in the middle – with tinges of ‘Techno Mosh Pit’ which I could have done without.

I’m really glad I was sober, though. I would NOT have enjoyed being altered for that.. everyone was too pushy and I had a very hard time finding the vibe amongst the .. well, whatever they were. And I kept feeling like I was on some kind of twilight zone drug just because of all the costumes and lighting and contact buzz from other people who were obviously tripping out of their gourd. But none of the warm, happy, loved feeling that I usually get at parties.

One guy came up to me and said ‘third time rolling, third time raving’. I didn’t know how to explain to him that he wasn’t at a rave.. 😉 Hope he had fun.

At least no one accused me of dancing like I was gay or threw water bottles or physically intimidated me.. 😉 [Referring to one really bad night at Club Fusion]. Actually, everyone was pretty cool, all in all. Except that the place was packed to the nines and somehow the attendees were less gentle than ravers usually are.

My one other beef is that someone seems to have decided if they couldn’t have good sound, they would make up for it in volume. I have *never* found myself wearing earplugs at any kind of show before, and I’ve been to many, many concerts.. but I ended up tearing up a old train ticket and rolling it up into earplugs because I couldn’t take the volume. I’m still noting a distinct lack of frequency response in my left ear. And yet, the sound sucked. That’s the unbeleivable part. 50 kilowatts and it still sounded like the crossovers were set by a drunk monkey. Of course, it was somewhat hard to tell because the sound pressure levels were high enough to make my _ears_ distort.

USC: memo: next time, less watts, more quality. And try spreading the speakers out a little instead of making two monster stacks out of them. Bass bins in the back as well as the front would be appriciated. Maybe even suspend a few from the ceiling to try and keep the stereo image as you wander back? Thank you.

PvD had a really good set though.. a few old familiars and a few new things, and he kept flipping back and forth between trance and jungle which was quite odd but rather tasty in a way..

There were a lot of totally excellent costumes, however. That was probably the best part, for me. Between the twenty foot clown on rollerblades, Little Bo Peep complete with sheep, the human cow (man, he must have been hot.. cow suit, face paint, and a uniquely placed udder.. ;-)), the Klondike Bar (Yes, really), the giant pug dog, many butterflies, and too many others to list or mention.. it was a great night for checking out the costumage.

speaking of costumes, my hair is still blue.. I’m about to wash it, though – which is good, because having blue hair makes me feel like a anime charicter.

Though purple hair might suit me.. 😉

Hope you all had good Halloweens.

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