EV progress continues

Well, today I got the inverter mounted in the car and connected to everything again. I also changed the wiring to engage the forward drive mode instead of the reverse, fixed a broken coolant line, applied a temporary fix to the 12V wiring to get things powered back up (a permanent fix will have to wait until my reworking-the-inverter-wiring project)

That reminds me

Does anyone know what they call those spade-lug tabs that solder into a PCB?  Or have digi-key part #s? or something?

I’ve more or less decided that I’m going to solder spade lug recepticles on everything in the inverter wiring box, then make a PCB that has pairs of spade lugs that every wire plugs into, some of which also go off to the inverter interface PCB. I need to figure out what a appropriate-sized box is, and buy one. I am *not* looking forward to rewiring that rat’s nest, but it needs done *badly*.

I’ve found a bunch of places where I want to make substantial improvements.. I’m considering getting replacements for the motor-mounts CAM’d out of milled aluminum. I’m definately going to put split-loom over anywhere the high voltage wiring is bare, especially the motor wiring which runs nerve-rackingly close to one of the CV joints.

I’m tempted.. and this is concrete proof that I’ve lost my mind.. to dissassemble the A/C plenum and pull the evaporator and replace it with a handmade assembly of water-cooled/heated peltier devices. However, I can’t imagine that it’s easy to get at..

I should also poke at Lee some more and see if he’ll help me get the charge-shuttling PCB for the mk3s going. If I had charge-shuttling, I could put the things in enclosures, which would make my life much easier.. right now they’re naked circuit boards, which means they need to be held down somehow.. and they got obsenely hot, which means they can’t easily just be shoved into project boxen.

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