Douglas Adams

According to The Wikipedia, the HitchHiker’s Guide series sold 15 million copies. This worries me because there are 6.4 billion people on earth – which, even if each copy has been read 20 times (a generous estimate), only 4% of the inhabitants of earth have been exposed to Douglas Adams. This would seem to be a serious oversight.

[Interestingly enough, that 4% includes my mother]

As a side note, he died of a heart attack while working out. If this isn’t a good reason not to work out…

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  1. goamaki Says:

    I hardly think it was the actual work out that was the problem, hehe. It was his body as it was already…couldn’t handle it. Every successful and thriving group of people, do some form of physical activity. It centers us, it’s meditative, and keeps us healthier longer. If it weren’t for my dad starting to work out in his mid 40s, he might have died as his father did at the age of 54. I’m glad he’s still around for me to love…

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