I have to say, I have a rather low opinion of digium.

I paid a rather outrageous price for one of their phone interface boards, becaues it would do things like caller ID and hang-up detection that a voice modem wouldn’t. Or so I thought.

Probably it will in fact do these things, if I ever get the drivers installed. However, the nice manual that comes with it makes references to two servers, cvs.digium.com and ftp.digium.com, that don’t exactly work as advertised. cvs.digium.com doesn’t, in fact, exist, and ftp.digium.com isn’t real hot on answering ftp requests – though it manages http

ftp.digium.com is also *not* links-friendly – it wants to be used by a graphical web browser. And, thanks to a rather annoying redirect, you can’t just cut & paste the link for the zaptel drivers to wget. Honestly, people, ever heard of *including the drivers on a CD*? Or, failing that, making sure that you keep the servers that the instruction manual references *up*? This is what terrifies me about Windows XP – microsoft has to keep the authentication server up in order for it to work, and I’m sure that by the time ten or so years have gone by, they’ll decide to make us all upgrade by shutting it down. For that matter, Ubuntu has a bit of that going on as well.

In other news, apparently I’ve missed the entire point of sex.

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  1. Cygnostik Says:

    Hey, it’s ok. I’ve only just recently discovered that “consent” isn’t just a stupid, formality. Oops. If there is a point – I don’t want to know. I’m sure in the end any final word on the subject will have been filtered by enough women to have completely twisted it to their own benefit in some sick way.

    : “Whul D’uh! Sex is fer breedin’ an’ payin’ thuh rent duhur!”

    Ok, well. So there would seem to be a bit of controversy on the subject. I still want nothing to do with any of it.

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