Day 18 begins..

With a serious yawn. I couldn’t sleep very well last night – went to sleep at like 4a, after taking Lunestra at 3:10 or so.

I think maybe a slightly higher dose of thst might be called for. I’ll talk to Woody about it the next time I see him.

But, anyway. I might have a guy coming to lay some tracks in the studio tonight, there might be a crew coming to remove the motorcycle tonight (for which I actually am being paid, mark me astonished)

Well, time to prepare to face the day..

Must.. go.. buy.. coffee..


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  1. skotte Says:

    man there’s a lot of that going around today! I got in to work terribly late. like criminally late. like ohmigodiamlate late. and when i got there the whole office was sleepie. noone even noticed i was so late, because everyone was busy napping. fFer real.

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