Criminal Justice System and who wants to work at it

I’m pondering that maybe you should never allow anyone who *wants* to be a judge or a politician be one. I also think you need to watch the cops who want to be cops closely – make sure they want to be cops for the right reasons. The problem is we have a bunch of thugs abusing their power – in general I’m not even convinced you should let the person who wants to run the neighborhood association do so, the issue is the odds of people wanting power not abusing it sooner or later are really, really low.

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  1. Firesong Says:

    I think the issue is how we teach competition instead of cooperation. There’s no real societal push to teach everyone how to work together or even to teach basic empathy. Lack of empathy (and therefore compassion) is a huge problem in our society. But if we *could* teach everyone empathy and a sense of greater community, then most people would be okay with having power, because they’d understand what the power was for. (To my way of thinking, it’s for helping others, not using them.)

    Huh. Maybe that’s me being less cynical. I wasn’t aware I had that kind of faith in humanity — but maybe I do. I at least think there’s a possibility that with the right lessons, we can make society work for everyone, not just the people on top.

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