Cool web app

In between working tonight, I’ve discovered (or was given a link to actually) a app which tracks my winamp song usage and compiles histories and stats using it. For those of you who are curious, you can now see what I’m currently listening to / into by looking here. I also linked it off my web page. I have no reason to expect it won’t just stay working as long as I manage to keep paying the phone bills.

Which reminds me, I’ve decided in order to save money that I’m going to close my account with Isomedia and turn my house line up to 5 megabits. This will result in my local loop bill being about $250 – but my Iso bill is currently $400 a month. In addition, this will give me a lot more bandwidth, since 5 megabits is my peak usage at Iso, and my average is closer to 64 kbits. ANd, since blarg is unmetered, this means I can do really interesting things..


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