Clockin’ out..

Another fun day. Tomorrow I’ve got a guy from $12_STEP_PROGRAM I don’t know coming into the studio to lay down some rap tracks. I’m going to have a fun time pretending I know what I’m doing, considering I’ve never recorded rap before in my life. But he says he already has the instrumental backing, he just wants a place to record the vocals, and theoretically at least I’m equipped to do that. I guess I’ll just fake it till it works. Anyway, I’m not charging him so really, how bad can it be when it’s free? So sez me.

Also got band practice tomorrow, then might be going with Tory Sunday to something for Jeremy et al. It’ll be good to go somewhere with Tory again, it’s been a long time. Kayti might be going too.

Feeling a bit overhwhelmed with all the mental health professionals that are currently a part of my life. E-mailed a lawyer about the accident, asking if he’d represent me. No-reply-at-all. Well, Jeffrey Serage says he knows someone, so perhaps I’ll try his contact if I don’t hear from the lawyer in a few days.

I might also try resending the mail from gmail just in case is blackholed somewhere for some reason.

Mental note to self: check on Qwest and Blarg bills.

Anyway, clocking out for the day. Day 14 – 2 weeks. One day at a time.. deep breath.. one day at a time..

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