Boy, do I feel sheepish..

1) The location to download WinZip 9 is in the FAQ.
2) My laptop seems to be backing up happily. Just to be sure, though, I will try to avoid using it until the backup completes.
3) I have got to do something about my negative attitude.

2 Responses to “Boy, do I feel sheepish..”

  1. anonymous Says:

    The cool things about having a negative attitude are:

    1)You are never disappointed when something goes wrong.

    2)You are pleasantly surprised when something goes right.

  2. anonymous Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a negative attitude, it’s just realistic – it even has the personally gratifying benefit of leaving you extra happy when things actually bother to go well.


    Preparing for the worst does require anticipating the worst. It doesn’t mean you can’t still hope for the best. 😉


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