Bah! Bah! Memesheep! memesheep!

Hi! Where would YOU rather be?
Four places where I’ve held jobs in my life:
– Epoch Internet
– Hacker Shack computers
– Radio shack

Four movies I could watch over and over:
– Pump Up The Volume

– Dead poets society
– Hackers
– Sneakers

Four cities in which I have lived:
– Fayetteville, AR
– Woodbridge, VA

– Irvine, CA
– Seattle, WA

Four TV shows that I watch:
– House


– Ally McBeal

– The Muppets

Four places I have been to:
– Bangkok, Thailand

– New York, NY
– Swindon

– Sydney, Australia

Four people who email, IM or call me regularly:
– Kayti
– Dan S.

– My boss
– My coworkers

Four of my favorite foods:
– Portabello burgers
– Sushi

– Chicken fajitas
– Pho

Four places I would rather be right now:
– in another universe with file permissions, multithreaded time, and not based on the model that all life lives at the expense of other life

– in tropical paradise
– at a rave

– at a jam session

Four stupidest things I’ve ever done:
– cheated on people
– been born in America
– worked for free for someone who could afford to pay me

– not done things

Four things I am grateful for:
– Kayti

– my cat

– the knowledge that this, too, will pass

– steady employment

Four things I am looking forward to this year:
–  I’m drawing a blank here
– perhaps the insurance company of the guy who hit me will finally cough up the money I lost because of lost work time (and, today, my back hurts. Grr. Humans shouldn’t drive cars)

– possibly releasing the software I’ve been working on for almost a year
– maybe having somewhat more financial security

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