I think I’ve lost my two readers 😉

That’s okay, it’s probebly more amusing when I’m just writing for myself anyway. And fifty years later someone will unearth the ravings of this madman, and maybe a few words in there somewhere will actually speak to the minds and hearts of someone else.

It’s just so handy, to be able to open a window and say all the things I want to say to someone, but don’t have anyone to say them to. Or something like that.

Troubled? Me?

As a side note, what the hell is up with the stock market? I’m trying to decide if I should be getting ready to buy, or getting ready to leave the country. It’s definately doing strange things.

Anyway, with apologies for last night’s pot-smoking ramblings, I’m still here. Still writing, still thinking.

And in many ways, I feel more alive than I have in years.


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  1. slog Says:

    hey, I’m here.

    I think I know you…maybe?

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