And you’re _still_ having a nightmare..

I had another nightmare last night. This one was far, far stranger than the first one.

I had a next door neighbor who was only visible when he was near his house.

His lover was always visible.. and would stand out in the front yard crying, waiting for him to appear.

I tried to ask him why he was only visible near his house, and I got the strange sense of my left and right eyes being pulled away from each other, almost like I was being pulled into another dimension or something.

Then I tried asking closer to the house and he explained it, and I know his explanation made sense, but I Don’t remember a single word of it.

So I had a couple of friends over (who happen to live on the other side of the world, Scott and Cori) and was explaining to them about my strange next door neighbor, when he walked through one of the walls and roared ‘YOU TOLD SOMEONE ABOUT ME..’ – and I just knew he was going to kill us all.

Then I woke up.

I don’t usually have nightmares.. having two in one week is a little disturbing. Hopefully this will be the last..

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  1. samsarra Says:

    I’m having weird ones, too. This afternoon while snuggle-napping I had a dream that continued while I woke up for a minute to shift positions with Seth and fell back asleep. I odn’t remember the dream at all, but I remember how odd it was to have it going on while my eyes were open and I was moving around. Must be how it feels to be in two places at once.

  2. brassratgirl Says:

    *hugs* I’ll talk to you soon.

  3. heidianna Says:

    that’s freaky because i used to have dreams about a man that would do that.

    if i talked about him in the day, he would haunt me at night. if i said his name, everyone in the world would vanish and i would have to work for him to pay off my debt of saying his name. and I would have to find him. all the doors would lock. everyone was just gone.

    only way i got rid of him eventually after dreaming about this stuff for 20 years, was to talk about him in the day A LOT, and then start carrying a weapon in my dreams. a machete was quite popular for me. 🙂

    i recently had something happen… a friend of mine was having dreams of this man. the man represented all of his apprehensions, specifically towards me. i assured my friend that he had nothing to worry about. a day or two later, i started dreaming of this man. it was rather scary, how my friend’s nightmare climbed inside my dreams. took a week to get rid of him!

    perhaps i was in your dream to get rid of your scary neighbor, being as how i’ve dealt with this sort of thing before. 🙂


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