After some thought, I have a few additional comments:

1) Claiming to disapprove of being judgmental and simultaneously judging another group of people (i.e. saying they should grow up) is more than a little hypocritical. Probably I would strike the last paragraph entirely. I apologize if anyone had their feelings hurt by it

2) I do think that the people who recorded ‘God Hates The World’ are either a: trolls or b: examples of the very worst kind of Christian fundamentalism. Christianity is a extrordinarily broad group – as is any religion, comprising so many sub-factions that it’s difficult to find ANY statement that’s true of all it’s members.

3) Probably the people posting hate speech on Clint’s blog are examples of a few extreme viewpoints, and not representative of all Christians anywhere.

4) I still believe that I was right in thinking that I shouldn’t continue to think about, talk about, or write about Christianity. There’s nothing I would have to say that hasn’t been said better by many, many others, and it is far better for my happiness and mental – and I suspect spiritual – health not to think about it, as I just get angry and feel frustrated that so much harm is being done and there’s nothing I can do about it. (Not to mention that there’s a subset of humanity that are okay with the idea that I be tortured for eternity. #include <christian_rant.h>)

5) Yes, I know that C is horribly dated. I still like it.

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