1) I’m in process of trying to get all the details wrangled out for my band to play @ defcon. Wish me luck.

2) Did you all know that until some unspecified date somewhere between the 50s and the 70s [at last, a peice of data a quick google wouldn’t unveil] homosexuality was illegal in Britian? Punishment ranged from involuntary commision to lobotomies.

This is almost as bad as the concentration camps of WWII.. and yet, you hear no apologies, it’s not taught as part of our history.. I bet a fair chunk of you didn’t [as I didn’t] even know that this was true. It’s.. appalling.


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    I’m going to take a wild guess that you either didn’t use the right words or misspelled something.

    And, it’s a matter of priviledge and power. You don’t have to know: you’re not gay, and the law favors those of your stripe.

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    also incidentally: note all the states (and countries) where gay sex is still illegal:

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