Addicted to oil..

So, Bush said we were ‘addicted to oil’.

Yeah, but we’re also addicted to water. Another precious fluid that comes from underneith the earth, although it doesn’t have nearly as much energy in it. Um, unless you’re really into conspiricy theories.

Granted, it’s easier to make water than oil, but they’re both precious commodities, and the guys over in the desert might feel like they deserve more water.

Of course, the ironic thing is that Bush’s hydrogen economy, when coupled with GPSes, solar cells, and excessive creativity, might just make it rain in the desert.

*shrug* Just waiting for this sleeping pill I just took to take hold. The latest beastie we’re trying me on is Trazadone. How many drugs do you suppose I’ll try before I find one that can actually put me to sleep reliably. Well, there’s always NyQuil when all else fails. But that can not possibly be good for me.. I get about eight doses out of a bottle right now, which isn’t that far from the suggested dose, but, dude, NyQuil is not supposed to be a sleeping medication.

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  1. anansi133 Says:

    What I love about this statement, is that it opens up a whole new way to think of our political problems. The country is not uniformly addicted to oil everywhere, some economies are more heavily into it than others. None are untouched.

    The first step is admitting you have a problem. Then you gotta admit that you need help with your problem. The Shrub and Enron and the whole automobile/tire/gasoline/roadbuilding complex need to be enrolled in their custom crafted 12-step program ASAP, and the rest of us need to recover from our oil addicted family of origin even as we create our oil-immune families of the future.

    (…as long as we’re taking the metaphor seriously…)

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