(as I ponder installing linux on my desktop..)

is there anywhere I can send a donation that will help the opposing side on this lawsuit?

For that matter, how does one sue ‘linux’? That’s like suing ‘terrorism’. I suppose you could sue individual distributers of it..

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  1. randomdreams Says:

    They’re not going to sue, because then they’d have to actually say what was infringed, which would be followed by a whooshing sound as all those infringements were replaced by new code within three days.

    Instead they’re going to keep crashing around saying they COULD sue and they SHOULD sue, such that large companies who are considering buying Dells with Ubuntu loaded think “well, let’s wait until this whole suit thing has settled down.” This is a delaying action, just like the Microsoft-funded SCO infringement suits were a delaying action, and this will probably be as successful as the SCO one was, with the difference being that presumably Microsoft won’t end up dead. But it’ll still keep anyone who just reads headlines — which is to say every business person everywhere — dubious about linux, which is all that is needed to be devastatingly effective.

    Mepis is a nice distro. I had been using Fedora Core for a couple years as my primary desktop, but since finding Mepis, now nothing in the house except for the crazy spark-shooting box (which has an ancient debian text-only setup) is running Mepis.

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